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  • Have it both ways: AI in banking and capital markets


    Financial institutions today face numerous challenges—everything from intense regulatory pressures to upstarts coming at them from every direction with disruptive technology solutions—that threaten even their core businesses. The concerns of the industry may be several, and may vary significantly from market to market in terms of both type and severity, but there are three especially […]

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  • Empowering People – How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world


    The digital revolution is democratizing societal change, evolving human progress by helping people & organizations innovate in ways not previously possible. Intelligent machines are increasingly complementing human reasoning to augment and enrich our experience and competencies. Machine learning Computers continuously learn from new data to evolve into advanced, intelligent systems. Human language technologies Computers and humans […]

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  • Sports re-imagined


    Sport is a matter of love, passion and greatness. It touches our daily lives and creates a depth of human engagement unmatched in the modern world. Professional sports—a $90 billion industry—count over 7 billion fans worldwide. New digital services are providing clubs with the capacity to reach global audiences, generate digital experiences and create new […]

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  • Unlock Opportunities in Manufacturing with Internet of Things

    Business Thinking

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has unlocked new opportunities for Manufacturers to challenge the status quo and re-think how manufacturing gets done. Uncover a world of innovative opportunities such as reducing maintenance costs and minimize system failures by implementing condition-based predictive maintenance. Better management of remotely controlled vehicles. Enhance presale and cross-sale efforts through the […]

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  • Digital Workplace


    People, at work or at home, in teams or alone, need to make the most of their time. We live in a world where devices outnumber people and create more data than people can consume. The pace of change is faster than ever.  Technology has led to disruptions in our personal and our professional lives. […]

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  • Brand Leadership in the Digital Age


    The business universe is expanding. Every day, innovation accelerates, as technology blurs the boundaries between physical products and virtual experiences. This is our Industrial Revolution. Disruption is the new reality, and the opportunities are limitless. Every business is a technology business. Why do brands matter? Because they matter to people. And people have always been […]

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  • How The Content Illusion Is Leading Marketing Astray In The Era Of Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    In the past five years, the often-unquestioned hymnal has been that to succeed in today’s digital world, businesses must produce content. Produce high-quality content, yes. But, produce massive amounts of it to get in front of customers. According to various statistics on the Internet, we are living in a world where every minute over 200 […]