Delivering design-led innovation


“Ultimately, we are deluding ourselves if we think that the products that we design are the ‘things’ that we sell, rather than the individual, social, and cultural experiences that they engender and the value and impact that they have. Design that ignores this is not worthy of the name.” – Bill Buxton

Every day, innovation accelerates as technology blurs the borders between physical products and virtual experiences. Society is increasingly mediated by technology.  Never before has there been such impetus to be everywhere and do everything all at once. The design process can reconcile technology’s practical function and its influence upon society, helping us to imagine the art of the possible.

Effective design can make a measurable impact by helping organizations:

ENGAGE customers by accelerating time to market with new or improved customer experiences that differentiate.

EMPOWER employees by fostering innovation and collaboration across the organization to optimize productivity.

OPTIMIZE operations by driving agile and effective operational processes while mitigating business risk.

TRANSFORM products by imagining the art of the possible through innovative business models, services, and products that differentiate.

Few businesses survive by exclusive reliance on either radical or incremental innovation. Every successful business must innovate continuously or it will cease to exist over the longer term. By maintaining a balance between the two poles of innovation, radical and incremental, a business can continue to grow and change.

Apply a people-centric design based approach by unlocking opportunities at the intersection of business, experience and technology:

BUSINESS Making money & being successful doing things better and in new ways.

EXPERIENCE Researching, synthesizing and creating unique & compelling insights & user experiences that competitively differentiate.

TECHNOLOGY How technology works and enables the business process & experience.

Optimal value creation and impact happens at the intersection of business model innovation, differentiated experience and technology integration.

Organizations that can see through the eyes of their customers and deliver products, services, and experiences from their perspective. Who are mission–driven, creative and critical thinkers, and are activators who make progressive change happen, will be well–equipped to reimagine their digital futures.

Our e-book “Delivering Design-led Innovation” provides a point of view on how to build a design led organization capability, balancing the poles of innovation, help organizations capitalize on undiscovered opportunities and radically improve delivery models in a fraction of the time of traditional methods by showing how design-centric firms can outperform traditional firms, learn why Research, Envisioning, and Design is an important part of digital transformation, find your north star, discover the power of empathy, and change minds with provocative actions.

Article originally by: Roy Sharples, Director of Digital Transformation Marketing at Microsoft & Fred Warren, Director of Connected Digital Services at Microsoft.

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