Institutionalizing “Volunteering”


While this is not truly a personal post, I thought it would be a good vehicle to spread some awareness for a relatively unique idea. The matter (including image) is by no means original and has been shamelessly copied from the Toolbox site as well as tertiary material.

Toolbox India (TBXI), a not for profit organization, was started in 2007 by Charles Antoine Janssen (Board member of UCB Pharma) and Sandeep Naik (General Atlantic) with the purpose of offering consulting services on a pro-bono basis to non-profits in change process management.

TBXI is a registered section 25 not for profit that engages volunteers from the for profit sector, deploying their skills and expertise in the non profit sector so that the NPOs can significantly amplify the impacts of their programs.

TBXI follows an almost similar model to TBX Belgium ( using a methodology developed by McKinsey, Belgium and offers pro bono consulting in the areas of Strategy, Financial Management, HRM, Marketing, IT, Governance and Impact Assessment for non profits in the areas of Education, Primary Health, Women’s Empowerment (Livelihood and vocational programs) and has worked with over 30 NPOs operating in and around Mumbai in the last 3 years.

TBXi 2

Toolbox volunteers commit about 8- 10 hours each month and work onstructured projects for a period anywhere from 6 – 12 months. The Toolbox team facilitates the execution of the project and volunteers usually work in teams of 2/3. TBXI has a volunteer pool of 50 +
volunteers across marquee firms that include Private Equity, InvestmentBanking, Management Consulting, Advertising and Corporate legal firms. They are expanding their footprint with pilot chapters commencing in Delhi and Bangalore. TBXi was one of the entities in India to be covered in a study done by the NUS under the ‘Giving Circles of Asia’.

Their website link is : where you can read more about them and also view the TBXI film at

To enlist, you can reach out to them at

Hope you find this useful and are able to put it to use in your lives.

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