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A very interesting organisation – one I am fortunate to be associated with for the last 5 years. Caring Friends (CF) is an informal group of friends, who have come together to act as a bridge between outstanding NGOs and donors. It is my belief that at our core, we as individuals would love to contribute to the betterment of society. However, most of us struggle with two issues – finding who needs help and trusting them with the help provided.

Caring Friends fills this gap. They proactively identify an outstanding institution, scrutinize it thoroughly, visit the institution personally & examine its work in great detail. If the work is truly excellent & the institution is really in need of support, then CF become closely associated with it. Before asking anyone else to extend support, CF members make the initial donation / contribution as a pilot experiment with the institution.

To my mind, the single biggest differentiator of Caring Friends is its “Zero Overheads” philosophy. In fact, CF does not have a bank account and does not accept any contributions in its own name. Cheques are drawn directly in the name of the NGOs and handed over directly. 100% of all contributions go directly to the organisations from the donor and donors love this. All admin costs are borne by the core group of Caring Friends.

As on date, CF is associated with more than 30 NGOs in 10 states of India working on various issues like the welfare of children, women, farmers, physically challenged, tribals, animals and also government reforms. Some of the organisations who have benefitted greatly are Parivaar, The Ant and Dilasa.

The best way to help Caring Friends is to start by attending a meeting – that should be enough to get you hooked.


(Main Coordinators – Ramesh Kacholia / Nimesh Sumati)

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Tel. (O) +91-22-28216366 / 9947 / 9951 * Mobile: (Ramesh) +91-98927 73450

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