About Samiran

I’m good at what I do. I’m not good at talking about myself. But since you asked, here are 5 things about me.

  1. Technology and I crossed paths quite accidentally. And then I got good at it. IBM, Microsoft, McKinsey, MIT Tech Review Global Panel, WEF Member, Forbes Tech Council, Tech Influencer. Thought Leader. CXO Advisor. Author. Startup Mentor. TEDx Speaker and Dogfather – that is quite a handful!
  2. Dogfather to Toffee, my golden lab. She was a clearance puppy. Most “discerning” dog lovers want a male pup, and if female, it must be fair (really!!!). She is an absolute boon – does not get boys home, needs no education fund, will never leave us, and has a 100% track record of unadulterated affection.
  3. And now back to tech. I love tech. I love the possibilities it opens up; I love the optimism it gives humans to better their lives. Thoroughly enjoyed my short stint with the Aadhaar project. Around 2018, had a “Hit Refresh” moment and quit the formal workforce for good. Since then, have worked with some of the coolest startups and entrepreneurs in the AI, blockchain, creative content, healthcare, risk, and music space. Oh… I missed telling you – I used to play the flute in the school band :-).
  4. My wife is almost certain that I am thaasophobic (fear of getting easily bored). Maybe, like Percy Jackson, I have ADHD and, unbeknownst to me, am a secret god-child on Earth :-). I am a history buff, love comics, regularly test drive the latest cars, and…there – I think I got bored just writing all this.
  5. Sorry, I don’t have a point 5
Samiran Ghosh