AI and Video Analytics for Security

With increased focus on public safety, access control for public and private areas, and the risk of Covid virus transmission, analytics from video surveillance plays a significant role in collating actionable intelligence for security purposes. For example, video surveillance, coupled with intelligent insights from analytics and BI data, is the go-to solution today for fighting crime rate or, more recently, isolating pandemic infections.

The global market for video analytics for security

The video analytics software market is high due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with the existing analog, IP, or megapixel cameras, eliminating the cost of additional hardware. This RoI will be one of the reasons for driving the markets at a CAGR of 19% between 2020 and 2025- from USD 4.9 billion in 2020 to USD 11.7 billion by 2025, estimates a report from MarketsandMarkets. Another report puts the CAGR figure at 22.7%, taking the market to USD 21,778.0 million by 2027. The highest share of this market is the Intrusion management segment, which will invest in improving the security infrastructure at public places and critical infrastructures, such as airport perimeters, bridges, refineries, chemical plants, data centers to name a few.

COVID 19 has opened up a huge opportunity for video analytics for the crowd management application, which can now detect fever and body temperatures in crowded places like airports and rail stations and alert medical teams. This market seems to have added velocity to the market growth to 2027.

Current Scenario

During the pandemic, AI-based video analytics have helped in keeping large tracts of the civil population safe. There is also a growing demand from various other industries such as banking, financial services, retail, airports, and even manufacturing premises.

Leveraging this opportunity, many market players are providing newer tools and technologies. ML, 5G, and BI tools are already available in the mix. One global brand, for instance, offers IP cameras with built-in essential video analytics solutions, with the value add of video analytics that includes remote accessibility, smart data capture, detecting blocked emergency exits or queue notifications, intrusion detection, crowd management, and facial recognition.

Role of AI

AI plays an active role here, and as per recent projections, the AI video analytics market could grow to touch USD 24,341.5 million by 2027. The biggest advantage of AI in video analytics solutions is the time it saves, leading to cost optimization on many levels- while providing very accurate insights. In areas with many cameras, manual data extractions are impossible, and hence drawing timely insights is a challenge. Identification of guns or shooters, burglars, aggressive crowds or individuals, armed robbers- can be conveyed to the relevant security team immediately. The concerned authority can take corrective action without any delay.

AI adds untold functionality, particularly for intelligent video surveillance. In addition, innovative solutions with highly accurate sensors, higher resolution cameras, and more efficient processing units are added to the mix. With this unprecedented convergence of hardware and software, new opportunities are being generated, creating new rules of the game

Scylla Products

Scylla’s basket of offerings includes:

  • Object Detection

Scylla offers solutions like Intrusion Detection, Occupancy Counting, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic Management, etc., used for solutions for all kinds of attacks detection, anomalous behavior recognition (Smoke and Fire, Shoplifting detection). The proprietary analytics that is flexible, easy to install, and intuitive to use allow users to optimize hardware costs and move feed from moving cameras.

The adoption of AI technology for video surveillance has armed (no pun intended) Scylla Intrusion Detection System with an agile and intelligent surveillance infrastructure capable of identifying specific humans and objects very accurately, with only a 0.05% risk of false positive. Furthermore, the data, in the form of essential visuals and metadata, is transmitted to the security unit, enabling them to take prompt action for safety.

  • Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition

Over three-fourths of all property crimes in 2019 in the US resulted in over USD 5.9 billion losses. Almost a fourth of these were retail outages- shoplifting, taking the losses to about USD 1.3 billion. Scylla’s Retail Suite, a comprehensive AI video analytics solution, offers proactive loss prevention mechanisms that help detect suspicious behavior, which may lead to shoplifting.

The sensors recognize and forecast anomalies- expected threats or theft and the solutions to escape them.

  • Thermal Screening

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most infectious diseases in modern human history. Scylla’s cost-efficient thermal screening platform in airports may be one of our strongest weapons against this outbreak. It ensures uninterrupted thermal scanning and cuts down on resources cost while meeting health compliances of CDC and WHO’s guidelines. Scylla allows airport security staff to detect the elevated skin temperature of a moving crowd and report anomalies immediately.

  • Access Control Systems

AI-based control systems deliver big advantages of discreet access control security with no risk of human error. The Scylla Access Control Solution with face recognition technology can be fully integrated with the existing security platforms- and could be the game-changer in the access control space.

Advantage Scylla

The use of AI in these solutions assures minimal human error and time-lapse. With solutions that work around the clock, continuously learning and improving, the performance level is unparalleled. Furthermore, these solutions can be seamlessly integrated with all types of existing security tools, thus reducing hardware investments. And the biggest advantage is that it can also be deployed on the cloud! In terms of RoI, companies can save almost USD 1500 per camera per month by deploying the AI video surveillance solution.

A case in point is the Oman Airports Management Company, where Scylla integrated with thermal cameras to deliver Thermal Screening across Oman Airports facilities. The client needed to run accurate and contactless thermal screening of their staff at the entrance of the facility, given the risky nature of the pandemic infection. Social distancing was also maintained while ensuring smooth airport operations.

To meet the requirements of the airport, Scylla deployed a hassle-free and non-contact AI-powered thermal scanning solution that screened elevated skin temperature of employees individually and could be carried out without any disturbance to the daily business.


Security has come a long way from mere manual cameras — and insights based on half-baked information. Newer, more innovative brands for analytics video surveillance in the market, and now, the addition of AI into their basic infrastructure, has added untold advantages. Its almost magical attributes will ensure that the security of enterprises, homes, or government facilities’ security is assured- with real-time inputs from the physical cameras, coupled with deep insights based on analytics from these feeds.

Note: Watch the webinar I hosted with Vin Imbesi, Regional Sales Manager: US East at MOBOTIX, and Kris Greiner, Scylla’s VP of Sales North America, as we discuss the #technology behind #workplace #safety.



A safe and healthy workplace not only protects staff and visitors from injury and illness but can also help lower costs, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and raise employee morale. In other words, safety is good for business.

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