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Why is the “m” in mLearning important?

42% of African children will drop out of school before finishing their education; currently only 49% of all children will attend secondary school across the world. While there are many compelling reasons for this happening, one of the overriding ones remains ease of access to education. Enter the mobile device. The ubiquitous nature of mobile… Continue reading Why is the “m” in mLearning important?

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Only “Selfish CSR” is sustainable

If the “C”in CSR stands for Corporate, then why should we not follow all corporate practices in the process of executing on social responsibility. Should CSR be unrelated to corporate activity? Why can it not be with selfish interest and with a motive of maximizing gain (albeit not always monetary gain) like all good capitalist… Continue reading Only “Selfish CSR” is sustainable

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Distance Learning – still a distant possibility?

The modern day classroom is a 300 year old legacy of the British Empire. They needed to manage a global enterprise without telephones or computers. What they needed was people with the exact same training and skills; people who could read, write and do arithmetic – enter the school. This is a system that has… Continue reading Distance Learning – still a distant possibility?

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Defects & Disease – Prevent and Prosper

Praestat cautela quam medela – all that really means is “prevention is better than cure”. As I thought more about this topic, it seemed to me that good software development and good healthcare practices have more in common than I could have imagined. As a rule of thumb, every hour you spend on defect prevention… Continue reading Defects & Disease – Prevent and Prosper