Blockchain Cocktails – Shaken, Not Stirred

Blockchain Cocktails - Shaken, Not Stirred

By definition, blockchain is just that – a chain of blocks! While this is undoubtedly an oversimplification, sometimes it is best to stick to the basics. For some historical context, we should remember that cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain foundation was born as a political project. That is easy to forget when most of the … Read moreBlockchain Cocktails – Shaken, Not Stirred

Technology for Your Paw-Babies

Image  – Samsung Dream Dog House Technology rules all facets of human lives, from communication to shopping, health, and fitness. So, it’s no big surprise that technology has also found its unique way into pet care! In this era of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart homes – smart dog feeders, trackers, toys aren’t big a surprise. … Read moreTechnology for Your Paw-Babies

Digital Payments — anytime, anyhow, and for anything


The widespread adoption of mobile phones throughout the world has had a far-reaching social and economic impact. Payments is one area that has seen the most significant mobile-tech-led innovation due to a “perfect storm” of tech breakthroughs and business environment changes. The world has come a long way since Dan Kohn sold a CD of … Read moreDigital Payments — anytime, anyhow, and for anything

Small Business And Technology: Can The Twain Ever Meet?


Small businesses (MSMEs in India) are supposed to be the growth engines of the Indian economy, but repeated assaults by Covid-19 are bringing most of them down to their knees. Apart from dwindling finances and mounting debts, one of the critical issues they have been grappling with is their inability to adapt to the new behavior protocols imposed by the pandemic. In such a scenario, digitization sounds like the obvious and imminent savior, a decision that most MSMEs have debated, discussed and delayed.