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This is possibly one of the best movies ever made. Every character has a part and take the story forward. It is a masterpiece of story-telling and the craft of movie making. Signor Ferrari, Carl, Sascha and all the uncredited actors at Rick;s make for a evergreen Hollywood flick. Max Steiner’s music and Owen Marks’ edited create a taut and always lovable cinematic experience. Can watch it any number of times.

In fact, I have watched this movie in silent with background narrations from several movie critics who take you through scene by scene explaining what happened, what was intended, what happened by accident, the symbolisms and artistic intent of the director. I would not have believed that it is a good way to watch a movie if I had not seen Casablanca that way. Amazing Stuff…….

Review :-

Loved the way historic facts were seamlessly intertwined with the dramatised narrative

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